Aral Sea Tour – 2 days

This two days adventure tour to Aral Sea and western Karakalpakistan offers you to witness planets worst environmental disaster, drying Aral Sea. Within last fifty years, the waters Aral retreated more than 200 km from its original shores leaving behind another huge salty desert ‘Aralkum’. During the tour, you will visit the Ship Cemetery and small museum in Muynak, you will also discover area’s most impressive historical site Mizdakhan Complex near Nukus.

Trip Highlights

  • Lake Sudochei and former soviet gulag ‘Urga’
  • Aral Sea and impressive canyons of Ustyurt
  • Ship cemetery in Muynak
  • Mizdakhan complex

Best time: Spring and Autumn

Quick Itinerary

Day 1 – Nukus – Lake Sudochie – Aral Sea
Drive via Ustyurt Plateau to the Asral Sea.  Visit on the way Sudochie Lake and former Soviet gulag ‘Urga’. Arrive at the shores of Aral Sea and set up the camp.

Day 2 – Aral Sea – Muynak – Nukus
Drive via Muynak to Nukus. Visit the ship cemetery in Muynak and a small local museum. On the way to Nukus, stop in Hujayli and visit Mizdakhan complex.
Arrive in Nukus.


Price & Service

Number of People 1 2 3
Price per person USD 690 USD 400 USD 300

For groups greater than 3 people –price upon request

What is Included

  • Overnight stay in the yurt
  • 1 Breakfast, 2 Lunches, 1 Dinner
  • 2 days of English speaking guide service
  • Transport throughout the tour (4 wheel drive)
  • Entrance fees as per itinerary

What’s not Included

  • Pre and post tour accommodation in Nukus
  • Additional tours and activities during the free time
  • Personal Travel Insurance

Day 1 –Nukus – Ustyurt Plateau – Aral Sea (8 hours / 450km)

Our today’s long journey will take us across immense Ustyurt Plateau to the Aral Sea, once one of the four largest lakes of the world. Within last fifty years, the sea shrunk by 90% and became the planets worst environmental disaster.
Start from Nukus at 8:00 and drive towards Ustyurt Plateau passing on the way small town of Kungrad, which was busy Silk Road trading centre in the past. From Kungurad, we continue driving to the west across endless Ustyurt Plateau until we reach the Lake Sudochie. The lake is a breeding place for many migratory birds so you might be lucky to spot rare bird spices. Stop at the lake to have a picnic. Before continuing our drive, you may stroll along the lakeshores to watch the lake’s rich aquatic bird life. Leave the lake to visit nearby abandoned settlement of Urga. The last dwellers left this palace in the 60s of last century. Wandering through the ruined houses, schools and hospitals of this forgotten place, you will spot many household items left by the residents of this mysterious settlement.

Continue on the Ustyurt to Aral Sea, stop on the way to take picture of huge and impressive canyons. Reach the Aral Sea and set up the camp at the seashores. Walk along the seashore or have a swim in the saline waters of the sea. Enjoy having dinner around the fire at the seashore.
Overnight in the tents.


Day 2 – Aral Sea – Muynak – Nukus

After breakfast, we drive to the town of Muynak through new formed desert Aralkum, which was the sea bed of receding Aral few decades ago. Muynak was busy fishing fleet with large canning factory that supplied fish products to the whole country prior retreat of Aral. Many locals in Muynak still believe that the waters of Aral will one day return to its original shores. Arrive in Muynak and visit the ship cemetery and small local museum with many photos and painting describing environmental disaster in Aral.

After having lunch with local family, continue to Nukus.

Shortly before reaching Nukus, stop at Mizdakhan Complex located in the settlement of Hujayli 30km west of Nukus. The complex consists of several mausoleums, medressas and a caravan serai that date back to 9-14 century AD. Complete todays tour by visiting nearby ruins of Gaur Qala fortress (2-4 centuries BC).

Arrive in Nukus in the afternoon.



Tour Reviews

5 based on 1 review
August 20, 2017

We have also been very well hydrated as the temperature was very high.
We have stopped in a family to rest and to drink camel milk. For the stop in the household, it was not a problem as the driver needed to rest to drive us safely. We don’t have seen the museum in Monyaq as it was closed for renovation.

On the camp, our freedom was appreciable. The choice was ours for the timing. So we decided to rest before to go to the sea and to enjoy the sunset before to have dinner.

We have slept in a yurt in place of a tent. It was nice.
During the trip, the driver was paying attention of the shaking made by the car riding on the pathway. That was a kind attention.

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