Yurt Camps

For many centuries, the yurts have been a traditional house of Central Asia nomads. The structure of the yurt is made from wood and assembled using tanned camel skin strings; it is covered with felt rugs and decorated with Kazakh traditional embroidery. The temperature inside the yurt is warm in winter and cool in summer. The parts of the yurt have continuously been improved during a long period of its existence before it reached its present excellency, The traditional yurt can be put up and taken apart by one family within one hour’s time and it is possible to transport it on two camels or horses. At the present, there are several tourist yurt camps where you can experience nomadic yurt stay and take part in activities.

Desert Yurt Camp ‘Safari’

                                                                                                                                                               45 USD per person (meals inclusive)
Desert yurt camp ‘Safari
’  is located 5km further west (click to see the map) from the western shores of the lake Aydarkul near the village of Dungelek, the part of which was lost under the moving sands of Kyzyl-Kum centuries ago.

desert yurt camp safari
Line of yurts in the Kyzyl Kum Desert against blue sky on sunny day.

The Yurt camp ‘Safari’ has ten permanently installed Kazakh yurts (more can be installed on request) opulently decorated with traditional embroideries, handmade carpets, and sherdaks (felt rugs). The yurts in the camp are typical of those used in ancient times by the nomadic tribes of Central Asia.  The camp is connected to the electricity network. The facilities in the camp include a separate ablution block consisting of several flush toilets and showers, a tastefully decorated dining room, a traditional kitchen, and shady sitting areas with several comfortable tapchans (tea beds).

The yurt camp is a starting point for adventure tours where you can take extended or short camel riding tours. From the camp it is possible to take a 2,5-3  hour camel riding tour with our  Bactrian (two-humped camels) camels to the large manmade lake of Aydarkul stretched for about 200 km along the desert. There are approximately 25 types of plans growing in the area. Depending on the season of the year, during the trek the guests can spot tortoises, hares, desert agamas, and certainly the herds of camels. At the lake, guests can have freshly caught fried fish camels in the desertfor a picnic, have a swim, walk along the lakeshore or watch the rich aquatic birdlife (cranes, pelicans, duck, numerous waders, etc.). Alternatively, from the camp, you may also walk to the nearby Kazakh village of Dongelek to explore the village and get to know the daily livelihood activities of local people.

In the late afternoon, just sit on the benches near the Yurts and admire the stunning views of the desert sunset. You might be lucky to enjoy the songs of local folk singer in the evening around the fire who is usually invited when there is a big group in the camp.

The yurt camp Safari is at 1,5 hours of the drive (130km) from the Nuratau Mountain villages, so the trip to the camp can ideally be combined with the visit to the villages of the Nuratau Mountains. On the way to/from the Yurt camp, guests can visit the ruins of the “Nur” fortress founded by Alexander the Great in the 4th century BC.

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Sayyod Yurt Camp

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   45 USD per person (meals inclusive)
Sayyod Yurt Camp is a luxury yurt camp located in the mountain village of Sayyod in Jizzakh region (click to see the map). The yurt camp offers a wide range of activities and asayyod yurt camp relaxing yurt camping experience in a stunning mountain landscape. The yurt camp is open from 1 April to the 30th of October.

Sayyod Yurt Camp has twelve traditionally decorated yurts, the yurts come with one, two, or four very comfortable single beds in each (all bed linen and towels supplied). Meals are served in on-site restaurants where they also hold their cooking classes. The yurt camp is connected to an electricity network and has internet access.  In the yurt camp, there is an ablution block with several handwashing basins, eight showers, and six flush toilets. Another famous amenity of the camp is the outdoor swimming pool which is open from May to mid-October. There is a also fireplace available in the camp.

During your stay in this mountain yurt camp, you may explore the Nuratau Mountains on hiking, take part in the traditional cooking classes or do a day trip to the lake Aydarkul for swimming or fishing.  Those who are interested in local life may visit nearby villages or go to a farmer’s market in Asmansay village that takes place every Saturday.

yurt camp swimming pool
Sayyod Yurt Camp’s swimming pool with great mountain view

With hands-on cooking classes offered at the camp, you will discover the unique flavors of Uzbek dishes under the instruction of an experienced local chef. The classes also include a visit to a local market where you will purchase some ingredients for the meals from farmers and get to know about the traditional way of life. With their cooking classes, you’ll not only master your cooking skills but also experience a stay in the yurt camp located in a picturesque surrounding. Vegetarians are also welcome. The cooking class takes place with a minimum of 2 participants and should be booked in advance.

Sayyod Yurt Camp is located in the Jizzakh region which is in central Uzbekistan so you can combine the stay in the camp when you travel between Tashkent, Samarkand, and Bukhara. You may come to the yurt camp by public transport or by booking one of our all-inclusive tour packages. Please click on this public transport guide if you would like to come to the camp by public transport: HOW TO GET TO SAYYOD YURT CAMP
For more information, please visit the website of the Sayyod Yurt Camp by clicking here…

If you have seen too many mosques and madrassas in the Silk Road cities and would like to relax in beautiful natural surroundings or take part in interesting activities Sayyod Yurt Camp is the place for you!

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