Responsible Travel LLC is a socially responsible tourism operator that promotes the development of Community-Based Ecotourism in the Nuratau-Kyzyl-Kum area. We give local people opportunities to earn additional income from tourism and try to motivate them to protect the environment.  We also identify interested local youngsters and give them a chance to learn the English language and skills of mountain guiding. Many local families benefit from our annual community projects aimed to improve the efficiency of irrigation systems in the villages.

By booking any of our services, you support countries only ecotourism enterprise that promotes community-based ecotourism with the commitment to create additional income sources, protect the environment, improve village infrastructure and give learning opportunities for young local people. 

Jobs for locals and environment protection

Tourism is a new source of income for the rural communities living in the remote villages of Nuratau Mountains. Our whole team is from the villages located in the Nuratau Mountains. We are committed to giving job opportunities to local people and helping to earn from tourism by using them as your mountain escort guides, hiring their riding animals, using the local licensed accommodation facilities and etc. The development of ecotourism and the additional income earned from tourism serves as motivation towards protecting the environment as people start to understand that tourists will only visit their area and pay for tourism services if the natural environment remains as beautiful as it currently is.

Community projects

Annually we initiate and organise Hashar works with local people involving foreign volunteer students to clean and maintain the irrigation system of the villages. “Hashar” is local a tradition of people’s participation and inclusion in the community wellbeing, whereby members of community join hands and work voluntarily for the benefit of the whole community. In the year 2013, seven projects took place and more than 10 water reservoirs, springs and small irrigation channels were cleaned and cemented. The projects benefited more than 100 families living in three different villages. At the present, we are planning to widen the range of our activities to implement other projects in nature conservation. 

Trainings and skills evaluation

We have been organising various training courses with the training unit of the national company Uzbektourism and other educational institutions to improve the professional and language skills of the people working in the community based ecotourism in the Nuratau Mountains. From the start of the community based tourism project in the Nuratau Mountains with the support of GIZ, Dvv-international, and UNDP several trainings courses in tourism service provision, mountain guiding, cooking, hygiene and flora, and fauna have been organised to improve the skills of the service providers. In order to continue improving the skills of tourism service providers, we plan to organise more courses.