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Uzbekistan cultural tour - 8 days

Uzbekistan cultural tour - 8 days This cultural tour to the main Silk Road cities of Uzbekistan gives an opportunity

Aral Sea Tour - 2 days

This is a 2 days tour to Aral Sea and former fleet town of Muynak. The tour includes camping in

Trekking tour in Western Tian Shan, Uzbekistan – 5 days

This is 5 days trekking tour in Chimgan mountains of Western Tien Shan range located in Uzbekistan. The trekking area

Trekking tour in Chimgan-3 days

This is 3 days trekking tour with two nights camping in Chimgan area of Tashkent. The tour start in Beldersay and

Hiking tour 4 days Hayat, Uhum and Asraf

This is 4 days hiking tour to the villages of Hayat and Asraf located in the Nuratau Mountais of Uzbekistan.

Yurt stay, hiking and Lake Aydarkul tour -3 days

This three-day tour to Nuratau Mountains and Lake Aydarkul offers the opportunity to explore Nuratau Mountains on an easy to

Tour to Desert Yurt Camp - 2 days

This two days nurata yurt camp tour offers opportunity to explore Kyzilkum desert, lake Aydarkul and ancient Nurata city. You

Hiking tour 3 days-Asraf

Hiking tour 3 days-Asraf Nuratau Mountain villages exist from time immemorial. Even the troops of Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan

Khiva Fortresses Tour – 1 day

Khiva Fortresses Tour – 1 day Already 2000 years ago, people who lived in the fertile Amu-Darya delta built many

Nukus, Moynak, Khiva Tour - 4 days

This tour to Nukus, Moynak and Khiva gives chance to explore most famous sights of Karakalpakistan and Khorezm. The visits

Uzbekistan cultural tour - 14 days

Uzbekistan cultural tour - 14 days Starting in Tashkent and ending in magnificent Samarkand, discover the culture, history and the

Uzbekistan cultural tour - 18 days

Uzbekistan cultural tour - 18 days From remarkable monuments of Tashkent to famous avant-garde banned art collection of remote Nukus,