Community based eco-tourism and rules of conduct in the territory.

The development of eco-tourism in the territory of the buffer zone of the Nuratau State Nature Reserve located in central Uzbekistan has the objective of stimulating the local population to preserve nature. Eco-tourism is seen as one option to link economic and ecological sustainable development. People understand that tourists will only visit their area and pay for tourism services if the natural environment remains as beautiful as it currently is.

Eco-tourism improves the ecologic awareness not only of those who receive income from tourism services but also of the visitors. By experiencing nature and recognizing its importance for local livelihoods, tourists understand the necessity of treating it with care. Every eco-travel pursues educational goals. So act according to the motto: take nothing but photos and leave only your footprints.

The most popular eco-tourism activities in this region are hiking, donkey or horseback riding, bird watching, photography, fishing, botanical and archeological tours as well as observing different types of mammals, butterflies and reptiles. Community based activities are more closely related to the unique experience you can gain by living with a rural family, learning about their lifestyle, their livelihood activities, their traditions and their culture.